Seed Saving

Seed keeping with Soul Fire Farm
15 minute video shows why and how to save seeds.
Saving Seeds from Herbs and Flowers
Webinar on how to save seeds from popular herb and flower plants.
Saving Our Seeds, Saving Ourselves
One hour webinar on the science of saving seeds and how to do it.
How to Store Seeds
Storing seeds for winter
Planning and Planting Your Seed Saving Garden
Tip sheet from Seeds of Diversity on how to plan and plant a seed saving garden.

Container Gardening

Ideas for Growing Container Gardens Big and Small
Evergreen’s Lead in Urban Agriculture, Isaac Crosby (aka Brother Nature) gives a tour of the gardens at Evergreen Brickworks and shows what you can in containers. 
Balcony Gardening for Beginners
Resource from Miinikaan Innovation and Design on choosing plants for your container balcony garden.
Growing a Small Vegetable Garden on a Balcony
Video shows how to transform a small balcony into a container food garden. With Vietnamese and English subtitles.
Growing vegetables using a self-watering planter
How to grow green onion, cabbage and lettuce and using vegetable roots in recycled bottle planters.
Building a self-watering planter
Step-by-step guide created by FoodShare on how to build a simple self-watering container for growing plants.
Starting herbs from cuttings
How to propagate basil, mint, oregano and rosemary at home on a windowsill.
Sprouts & Container Gardening with Soul Fire Farms
Includes tips on small-scale food growing including sprouts and growing crops in containers.

Soil Health & Composting

How to make a vermicomposting bin
Step-by-step video on how to build a vermicomposting bin and benefits of using Red Wiggler worms for composting.
Composting for beginners
Homemade compost soil.
Building a 3-bin composting system
Presentation created by FoodShare on how to build a 3-bin composting system for your garden.
How to create a no-till garden
Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm explains the benefits of no-till gardening and steps for starting no-till garden beds.

Other Resources

TUG’s resource pages

Seed Starting

Seed Starting Tip Sheet from FoodShare
Tips for starting vegetable and herb seeds indoors including materials needed and steps from starting seedlings to transplanting.
How to select seeds
Niki Jabbour on how to select seeds (Lee Valley)
Seed Starting Guide
Collection of resources created by Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl on how to start seedlings.
Testing the germination rate of older seeds
Guide to testing germination rate of seeds including supplies needed and step-by-step process
Recycling and reusing seed starting pots
Tips for reusing seed starting pots from Galya Trail of You Grow Girl.
Simple DIY seed starting tray
Demonstrates how to make a simple DIY seed starting tray using basic materials.
Starting seedlings in a greenhouse
Step-by-step process for starting seedlings with suggestions for supplies needed including growing medium, containers, labels and seeds.
5 seed starting mistakes to avoid
Jag Singh explains five common mistakes with seed starting and how to avoid. 

Garden Planning

Growing a lot of food in small space
Tips for garden spacing and types of beds etc.
Small scale house garden
Things to look for before starting a garden.
Raised bed garden tutorial
How to plan and build a raised bed for small-scale food growing. Includes all the supplies you need to build a raised bed and tips for placing the bed to maximize sun exposure.
Choosing plants for shady spaces
Tips for growing food crops in shady parts of the garden.
10 things to know before starting a vegetable garden
10 things to consider before starting a vegetable garden including light requirements, access to water, soil health and more.
Companion Planting
Resource created by Toronto Master Gardeners on Companion Planting.
Succession Planting
Resource sheet created by FoodShare on how to use succession planting to maximize your garden space and your harvest.
In the Zone – Native Plant Gardening
Website with tips for growing native plants in southern Ontario.

Garden Maintenance

Tips for Watering your Garden
Best practices for watering your vegetable garden.
Brother Nature series – weeds, vermicomposting, 3 sisters gardening, clay pot irrigation
Isaac Crosby shares tips and tours of the Indigenous gardens at Evergreen Brick Works.
Sundance Harvest urban farming videos
Founder Cheyenne Sundance gives tips on growing a variety of vegetables, transplanting, fertilizing and watering. Strong focus on food justice and empowering BIPOC, youth and non-binary growers.
Matchbox Garden farm tours and production tips